ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY – ECO Terrace is made from recycled materials, reducing the impact of waste products on the environment. Mixture of 60% recycled wood fibres / 30% recycled plastic, 10% binder, paint, UV protection, etc.
NATURAL FEEL – Using the latest technologies, our extrusion process ensures composition homogeneity and constant quality in every piece of ECO Terrace.
DURABILITY – Does not rot or decay. Looks like new for years!
BAREFOOT FRIENDLY – Unlike traditional wood decking, ECO Terrace decking is splinter-free, so it is soft to the touch for unmatched barefoot comfort.
WATERPROOF – Excellent resistance to water and moisture.
INSECT RESISTANT – Does not attract insects.
WEATHER RESISTANT – Suitable from -40°C to 60°C
LOW MAINTENANCE – No oiling or painting required, ECO Terrace, is maintenance-free!


All our plastic products are manufactured to meet the toughest emissions regulations in the world. Working closely with our suppliers to meet our own strict high standards makes it easy for customers’ projects.

Where they are made

Our manufacturing facilities in Latvia produce a complete range of core materials of the highest quality to improve both the stability and appearance of the finished panels. Only 100% recycled plastic is used in production, and the wood we use is birch.